Winter 2020


Dear friends,01

We look forward to a time of transformation. To better meet the demands of our dynamic and growing University, the Libraries are modernizing to create more collaborative spaces for learning and discovery and to increase the number of study seats for students.  During the next year, substantial renovations to UCI’s Science Library will begin, including updates to the 2nd floor Grand Reading Room in winter quarter and renovations on the 5th floor in spring quarter to create a new Student Excellence Center.

With support from Provost Lavernia and in collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning--the renovations of these spaces will create an environment where our patrons can thrive.  To meet the changing needs of our community, the improved spaces will provide a variety of flexible and adaptable spaces.

Every student, faculty member, and researcher at UCI relies on the Libraries to help them along their academic journey. The newly renovated learning spaces will provide emerging technologies, and serve as a laboratory for discovery and a launch pad for new ideas. We are excited to share details of the renovation project in this newsletter and we look forward to sharing our developments in the months to come.


Lorelei Tanji
University Librarian


Carlin Motley


Mitchell Brown, Gaby Camacho, Nicole Carpenter, Madelynn Dickerson, Kristine Ferry, Joshua Hutchinson, Danielle Kane, Katheryn Kjaer, Becky Imamoto, Alexandra Latona, Carlin Motley, Derek Quezada, John Renaud, Kevin Ruminson.


Allan Helmick
Sylvia Irving


Allan Helmick