Vol 24 | No 1 | Fall 16
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From the University Librarian

ImageDear Supporters and Friends,

As we settle into the 2016-17 academic year, we're keenly focused on supporting campus priorities by clearly aligning the Libraries' Strategic Plan with the UCI's Strategic Plan.

One of our strategic goals is to promote "active learning and collaboration through welcoming spaces." In support of this goal, we are nearing completion of a long needed project to replace worn-out carpet on the fourth and fifth floors of the Ayala Science Library, and the basement, third, and fourth floors of Langson Library. This project has not only updated and enhanced the interior spaces of the buildings, but the new hard-surface flooring is much more durable, simple to clean and cost-effective. It showcases the library and makes it easier for us to offer a nice place for students to study.

Our users' success and feedback on our services and resources is of the utmost importance to the entire team at the UCI Libraries. In spring 2016, we conducted LibQUAL+, a large scale service quality survey of the entire student, faculty and staff population, and we are currently analyzing these data to inform our strategic initiatives. Here is a sampling of the positive responses we received:

  • "I really appreciate the library being open 24/7 for finals week!" -Undergraduate Student, School of Social Sciences
  • "I accomplish most of my studying at the library because there are fewer distractions. An hour at the library is like three hours at home. I rather go to the library and get a lot done rather than stay at home and barely get anything done!" -Undergraduate Student, Merage School of Business
  • "There is a very nice selection of medical journals." -Graduate Student, School of Nursing
  • "I love the Interlibrary Loan service!"-UCI Staff Member
  • "I consider the library essential for my research. I will help out in any way to preserve and improve library resources. I have been a researcher at UCI as a graduate student (1991) and now as a faculty member of the medical school." -UCI Faculty Member

As you can see, the Libraries remain a Gateway to Knowledge for the entire UCI Community.

Lorelei Tanji
University Librarian