Southeast Asian Archive

Southeast Asian Archive

The UCI Libraries' Southeast Asian Archive (SEAA) is the most significant collection in the United States that focuses on documenting the refugees and immigrants from the former Indochina—Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos—since the Vietnam War ended in 1975. SEAA is a true reflection of our local history, as the largest expatriate Vietnamese American community is in "Little Saigon," located 12 miles from campus, and the largest Cambodian American population is Cambodia Town in Long Beach, 23 miles from campus. In addition, 40 percent of the nation's Southeast Asian Americans reside in California.

The Southeast Asian Archive Fund was created to provide critical unrestricted support to help preserve and develop the excellence of the Archive. Donations to the SEAA Fund support the following:

  • Processing of archival materials: Help us purchase preservation supplies or hire assistants to make archival materials accessible to researchers.
  • Digitization of collections: Support the digitization of materials to make them available online for researchers to use anytime, anyplace.
  • Events promoting SEAA: Underwrite events to help us market the Archive and its mission within various communities.
  • Visiting Researcher Award: Help researchers with their travel expenses to use the Archive.
  • Oral History Projects: Support proposed oral history projects to help us preserve and make accessible the voices of Southeast Asian American refugees and immigrants as they share their stories and experiences.

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Named Endowment

For those who wish to make a more significant impact on the Archive, we invite you to consider establishing a named endowment for $50,000 or more. Named funds make a lasting legacy by providing funds in perpetuity to ensure that the Archive’s significance in our community continues to grow. You can establish a named endowed fund in support of the Archive or to support a Southeast Asian Archivist.

For more information about creating a named endowment to support the Southeast Asian Archive or Archivist, please contact the UCI Libraries Development Office.