The Library Endowment

The Library Endowment

The Library Endowment was established to insure the excellence of the library collections, expand information technology, and meet the Libraries’ general needs. In order to keep pace with the continued growth of the campus, the Libraries must continue to acquire high quality books, materials, and resources required by scholars across all disciplines. The Library Endowment serves as the UCI Libraries’ financial cornerstone ensuring that promising programs, individuals, and initiatives have the continual, steady support needed to sustain the intellectual work of students, faculty, and community members for many years to come.

An endowment consists of funds that are invested in perpetuity. A portion of the invested return is distributed annually to Libraries’ priorities and designated programs, while the remaining portion of the return is reinvested back into the principal for market growth. This allows for the endowment to provide both immediate funding and long-term financial security for the institution, ensuring that the fund will continue to benefit future generations of scholars, faculty, and patients.

Establishing an endowment is an act of great generosity and vision. Donors who decide to create an endowment do so because they understand the importance of supporting the institution not only during their lifetime, but for generations to come. These visionary individuals, families, and organizations build an extraordinary resource. Many donors choose to establish an endowed fund in order to honor a loved one, or to memorialize an important figure in their life, ensuring that their name and generosity will forever be a guiding force in our institution’s success.

Gifts to The Library Endowment provide enduring support for library initiatives that have a broad impact across campus and will touch the lives of all students, staff and faculty. By establishing stable, ongoing support, your gift to build the Library endowment is an investment in the power of libraries to provide direct benefits to current and future generations of UCI students and faculty.

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Named Library Funds

For those who are interested in making a gift to create a permanent and lasting honorarium that will establish stable ongoing support for the Libraries, we invite you to consider a special opportunity to establish a named endowment for $50,000. The gift to establish a named fund may be fulfilled over a period of up to five years. The ongoing source of funds from your endowment will provide critical support for the important services, programs, and initiatives at the UCI Libraries.

We thank the donors of our current Named Library Funds.

For more information about creating an endowed fund, please contact the UCI Libraries Development Office.